Hello again everybody! I really need to be better organised, because I always decide to start writing these posts wayyyy later than I should, and as a result I don’t get as much sleep as I realistically need. I don’t care though – I have stuff to tell you! Let’s start with today and work backwards.

Today I found out that I got cast as the lead role in my drama production, and while it may not seem like a big deal for some, it’s very exciting for me! I really put my all into my audition, and everyone said they were really impressed and I’m glad it payed off! I’m excited to get rehearsing!

I’m starting to seriously question my choice of electives at school this year because I chose a maths elective to help me be 100% prepared for college, but now that I’m doing double maths, everything is really easy and I’m finishing all the classowork in 15 minutes. It’s boring, but I’m going to be super prepared for college and hopefully end up with A’s in both classes.

img_0176Yesterday I found out that my Dad’s going to be living in Perth for a year (at least). My parents aren’t divorcing or anything, but you know how big companies have more than one branch? Basically the company that dad works for has decided they want him to work on a job in Perth (we live in Canberra ) which is a 4 hour flight away. He’s going to come home for the weekends, and he travels a lot anyway, but it’ll be odd having him around a lot less. Hopefully this means I’ll have a chance to go to Perth! The map above is for reference for anyone who isn’t Australian. It’s a loooooong way. Australia is a big place!

Yesterday was school photo day and while I think I looked okay, I’m pretty sure I blended in with the background. I’m hoping that the amount of hair I have will help, but I was wearing grey and the backdrop was grey as well. MENTAL NOTE: always wear black on picture day. No one wants to look like a floating head.

It’s still rediculously hot here, averaging at 35 degrees delicious everyday. When is winter going to arrive??? Also, we’re going to the coast this weekend to visit family, and we’re going to miss the brief coldness Canberra is going to experience. We’ll be back just in time for 40 degrees. Lovely. I don’t know whether there will be a post this weekend or not because of us going away, but if there isn’t I’ll do one during the week, I PROMISE 🙂

I’d love to know about what’s happening to you at the moment! Leave anything you’d like in the comments!

Much love,