I came to my blog this afternoon to check and see if I had any notifications, only to see that it’s been exactly one year since I started RACHELLECLARA.

I remember the day exactly: I was bored one afternoon and I realised that in my spare time, I write stupid things in my journal. Basically I just figured that if I was doing all that writing, someone may as well be reading it. That’s why I created a blog. If I was writing anyway, so why doesn’t someone read and enjoy it?

This year has been quite on and off for blogging for me. Initially, I only posted once a month, and I forgot my blog even existed for like 3 months. The I rediscovered it and started posting once a week. I got sick towards the end of last year, and had so much spare time that I was able to post once a day! I also attempted blogmas at the end of last year, but it was cut short because I went on holidays. I now (attempt) to post at least once a week.

There are more hauls on here than I’m willing to admit to, and that use proves that I spend wayyyyyy to much money. There are posts that are privated because they’re too embarassing to share, and there are posts that I spent hours on and am extremely proud of. There are reviews, informative posts and posts about random things in my life. To be honest, I love how random this blog it. It just gives me sooooo much freedom to post whatever the heck I want!

Thankyou everyone who consistently reads and likes my posts. It truly means the world to me, and I love replying to comments that people leave with their own experiences or questions. I know that this blog doesn’t have a lot of followers, but I appreciate all of you and let’s hope for another great year of blogging!

Lots of love,

xoxo ๐Ÿ™‚

PS you might notice things are looking a little different around here! I just decided I was bored of the current colour scheme and that an anniversary was the perfect excuse to change things up a little!