Hello again lovelies! Yesterday I went to the movies with my mum to see Beauty and the Beast, and can I just say that I was blown away. Today I bring you a review of the best Disney remake so far!

I’m not 100% sure whether Disney is going to remake all their original movies, but can I just say that I have loved all of the ones that they’ve done so far! Some of the movies haven’t been exact replicas of the originals, but Beauty and the Beast was. The only thing that was different was the addition of a few new songs.

The one thing I would say about remakes is that if you’ve seen the original before, there’s no suspense left because you know what happens. Despite this, I still loved Beauty and the Beast and would 100% recommend going to see it! The soundtrack is amazing, the cast is awesome, and you can’t feel sad while watching it. Would 100% recommend going to see this.

SIDE NOTE: funny story, yesterday in the cinema there were tons of couples on dates and you could totally tell that the girl had chosen the activity because they were all singing along while their boyfriends were either looking desperate, bored or on their phones. Maybe let your male friends sit this one out.

Overall, if you’re into Disney at all, I think you would love this remake! It was certinally a good way to spend my birthday! Can I just say that Emma Watson is one of the luckiest people ever? She’s in Harry Potter and she’s a Disney princess now. How much more could you want?

100% recommend!